Mines & Minerals
Iron Ore

Fe 52-64%

We are providers of magnetite and hematite iron ore through our own production and 3rd party suppliers. 


Depending on customer demand, we are capable of providing lumps, fines and concentrate iron ore at specified Fe content ranges.

Chromium Ore

Lumpy: Cr 36-48%

Concentrate: Cr 46-52%

Turkish chrome ore is rated amongst the top quality ores globally, because of its favourable Cr:Fe ratio.


We are capable of suplying lumpy and concentrate chromium ore at Cr content ranges given above.

Manganese Ore

Lumpy: Mn 24-46%

Concentrate: Mn 40-44%

Due to low general quality of manganese ore in Turkey, MANEKS focuses on supplying high quality ore with low Fe and SiO2 levels to sectors besides iron & steel.