Risk Management

Commodity Risk

As of 2021, MANEKS is providing Turkish iron and steel industry companies with execution services on the world’s leading futures exchanges for the purpose of commodity risk management.

The Turkish iron and steel industry relies almost entirely on imports for its raw material procurement. The prices of these raw materials constantly fluctuate according to the supply-demand balance in the world market and the changes in the global sentiment. Additionally, the products manufactured by the sector are the input for the world’s leading industries. They tend to have a similarly variable price structure. Looking at this picture, the need for risk management, in order to maintain profitability of the sector and to get protection from the volatility and possible shocks in the global markets, becomes evident.

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Steel Futures

Trough the partnerships we have established with members of the world’s leading futures exchanges, we provide our clients with the opportunity to trade and reach liquidity directly through exchange members without intermediaries.

MANEKS offers its clients the opportunity to trade in all main exchanges where futures contracts based on iron and steel products are traded. Through these transactions the companies in the sector can:


  • eliminate price risk on the procurement side,
  • manage the company’s open position in physical products,
  • fix future sale price of its products based on current market conditions,
  • quickly and effortlessly take positions based on their views on the market direction.


The use of futures exchanges by the global steel sector has not yet become as common as it is with some other base metals. Futures based on aluminum and copper metals, which have a much higher unit price than steel, have daily trading volumes on the London Metal Exchange at the levels of 6 million tons and 3 million tons, respectively. Please find below the list of all futures exchanges, we, as MANEKS, currently provide execution services on. The list also includes the iron and steel sector products traded on these exchanges.


  • London Metal Exchange (ferrous scrap, rebar, HRC)
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (HRC, ferrous scrap, iron ore)
  • Singapore Exchange (iron ore)